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A day for you, your family, & your guests to remember

**This exceptional wedding  video clip was filmed by

Ched Nunez Productions

Make Your Wedding Memorable

To You, Your Family, & Your Guests...

Book any one of our 3 packages for your wedding day.

Having a wonderful and memorable wedding is something we take pride in rendering for our couples.

From smooth on cue ceremony music, to sharp introductions of the bridal party and the newlyweds at the reception.

We cover all aspects and formalities of weddings and also assist in consultation of the flow of events.

Everything is fully customizable the way YOU want it.


We provide a 2000 watt sound system at your ceremony site.

If there is no dedicated power outlet at your site we can

also accommodate providing a power generator as well*.

We also provide wireless microphones for your ceremony so that everyone can hear your beautiful vows to one another.

We like to hook up a lapel mic on your officiant and on the groom. We also have 2 handheld mics on mic stands available for any readers.

Customize your ceremony music with us. Prelude Music, Processional Music, & Recessional Music.  We work closely with your day of wedding coordinator for perfect cues and

NO mistakes! 

If you are having live musicians for your ceremony, do not hesitate to ask how we can also get them mic'd up properly & wired into our mixing board.

Ceremony Services are INCLUDED in our

Elegant & Gala Packages**. 

There is an extra $300.00 charge for Ceremony Services if booking our Rustic Package.

*An additional $250.00 generator fee applies to ceremony sites with no available power outlets.

** Ceremony site must be within 1000 feet of reception site.



You, your spouse, your families & bridal party now have to run off and take wonderful pictures with your photographer.

Now is when your guests are going to loosen up and have some hors d'Oeuvres!

We provide a 2nd zone of audio with a premixed playlist of your choice for cocktail hour if it is at a different location from your ceremony or your reception site.

We typically by default play a mix of jazz or funky house music.

You may also choose what you want played during cocktail hour


This is where your guests will make their memories of your wedding, they may not always remember what they ate, but they will certainly remember how much fun they had at your reception.

This is where we provide our 3rd zone of audio (our most powerful one).  

We like to start dinner with some light piano & jazz for easy listening as your guests enjoy their dinner.

We will be your Master of Ceremonies as we announce your family, your bridal party, and our beloved newlyweds with electric energy and microphone presence. 

We will take the lead with formalities and announcements as we follow a timeline that you have provided us.

We will assist your other vendors stay on schedule with your

provided timeline.

If you booked our Elegant or Gala package your guests will be wowed with the lightshows that go with the music which you can FULLY customize yourself if you choose to.

Your dance floor will be full of energy and your guests will feed off that energy as they dance the night away on your special day!

(Video Monograms / Photoslide Shows / Interactives)

Your first initial, your fiance's first initial, & your date

displayed over a beautiful motion graphic of your choice on two 55" screens mounted on 2 aluminum skrimmed totems.

Giving the DJ set up a customized look tailored to your special day!

Also add a photo slideshow of your photos to display to your guests during dinner or your first dance!


Two 55" LED Screens -- $399

** Two 55" LED Screens Are Included In Our Gala Package

** At least 16' x 24' of dedicated set up space is required

Dancing On The

A very popular add on is the illusion of you and your

significant other dancing on the clouds for your

first dance.

The pictures that your photographer captures will

be breathtaking.

The "cloud" is a low lying fog that is created when dry ice is submerged into hot water. The cloud dissipates before rising above 5 feet, avoiding contact with smoke detectors.  Most venues ban the use of regular fog but allow this.

Take notice of the following if booking this effect:

** Heavy air circulation will impact the effect

** Requires its own circuit as it pulls up to 15A of current

** Requires Venue Approval

Pricing: $379

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