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School Events

Homecomings / Proms / Pep Rallies

Make It Epic!

Do you want your students to brag about how EPIC their prom was??

Do you want your school's reputation in regards to prom to be THE BEST in your county?

A school event is no easy task.  A school event with 600+ kids in one room cannot have an inadequate sound system.  There are many factors that come into play into a successful school dance.  Making sure the school's prom  committee picked the right company for the job is one them. 


Our Gala Package is the most ideal package for any school dance.  With 10,000 watts of sound, 20 dance floor lighting fixtures, Text2Screen LED Screens, up to 48 uplights, and a professional DJ to entertain the kids is the ideal package for school dances with an attendee count from 300 to 1,000. While at the same time we keep it clean and kid friendly so the kids & faculty are both happy. 

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A Few Things To Consider & Booking Tips:

A sound & lighting system at an event with a high attendee count requires A LOT of power.

**(Choose a venue that can accommodate electric "drop boxes")**

The venue must allow up to 6-8 hours of set up time (depending on size of the production) and up to the same amount of time to strike/breakdown.

Big school events should be extravagant both audibly & visually and requires more than just a DJ.  It requires MINIMUM A 3 MAN PRODUCTION TEAM.

Big productions from Crystal Dream Events prefer but do not require at least a 18'x24' stage.  We do not currently offer stages, but we can certainly recommend vendors that do if your venue cannot provide you one.

Your hired production company/DJ MUST be insured.

Have students help fund big dances/events with fundraisers as cost of our Gala package & venue alone can be a little on the expensive side.

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