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Special FX

Lighting & Special FX

Makes All The Difference

Make no mistake about it, lighting will take your event to a new level.  It will add excitement to your dance floor, a personality to your room, and a branding to your event.
Not all lighting is created equal though, there is a lot of "cheap" lighting fixtures others bring that flicker all night and are rather boring and dull. 
With Crystal Dream Events you get higher end fixtures, and a scripted light-show that is pre-scripted to the music playing, creating a thrilling experience to your guests as the light show follows the build ups and drops to the music.
10 Intelligent dance-floor fixtures & 24 uplight fixtures are included in our
Elegant Package.
20 Intelligent dance-floor fixtures, 48 uplight fixtures, 2 confetti cannons, & 2 55" videos screens are included in our Gala Package.

Dance Floor Lighting

Ignite your dance floor and bring

more excitement to the audio you

hear with some of the best visuals.

You get 10 intelligent fixtures with our Elegant Package.

Get 20 intelligent fixtures with our Gala Package!


$50/Fixture + $175 Set Up & Logistics Fee

Light Tech: $100/Hour


Turn an ordinary room into an


extravagant display of color combos of your


choice as our up-lighting fixtures

shoot up on the wall and create a magical


aurora in the room.

Get up to 24 fixtures with our Elegant Package!

Get up to 48 fixtures with our Gala Package!


$20/Fixture + $175 Set Up & Logistics Fee

Confetti Shots

Create a magical moment during our performance

with 2 of our Confetti Shooters shooting out

confetti up to 30 feet in distance.

End that First Dance with an amazing shot or

have your guests get more excited as the


confetti falls slowly to the ground

Did we also mention that we would clean up the mess too?

** Included In Our Gala Package **

Add 2 Confetti Shooters to our


Rustic or Elegant Package for $299.99

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