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Want a 3 Hour Session For $200???!!
Here's Why We're Doing It & How You Can Snag

The Catch

We want pictures & video footage of your guests having fun at your event with our Crystal Dream Events Photo-Booth.  The pictures & the video footage will be used strictly for promotional usage only on all of our social media platforms (included but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter) and also here on our website.  That's it! 
We don't want to use stock footage (like we currently have on our Photo-Booth page now).  We want footage of YOUR guests that are having fun with OUR booth! If we get the A-OK from you to have cameras rolling in the photo-booth area..... 
You get our Photo-Booth at $200 for 3 HOURS!!  Saving YOU Over $400!!!

Terms & Conditions

** You must inform your guests that they will be recorded and their pictures/video of them may end up on our website/social media
    (We will also have signage regarding the usage of the pictures & video)
** As stated,  the total service term allowed is 3 Hours!  You may book additional time to this promo at $200/Hour
** Preferred event day is ANY day but Saturday (But a Saturday event would not be disregarded)
** Event Locations within 30 mile radius of Fairfax, Virginia will be considered first.
** Indoor set up locations ONLY
** 2 lucky winners will be chosen
** More terms & conditions are written on our contract that you must sign & adhere to.
** Make sure to include your Event Type, Event Date, & Event Location/Venue **
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